About Lawson Landscape Services 

About Us


Mission Statement

To provide ethical, responsible, high quality maintenance services, while maintaining a healthy and robust company. We wish to beautify and enrich cities and neighborhoods and strive to maintain long and healthy relationships with our customers. We work hard at providing our employees with a quality of life and the appreciation that goes with a job well done.

Primary Service

Lawson Landscape Service is the industry leader on the Central Coast for quality Commercial Landscape Maintenance. We take great pride in our expertise and ability to meet our client’s needs by providing professional service at competitive rates. Beginning with our first contact, through the completion of the job, Lawson is dedicated to providing our clients with thorough, accurate, and precision work. Our attention to detail affords us the opportunity to complete all work as proposed and envisioned by our clients. Our expertise and experience allows us to ‘Value Engineer’ and customize landscape and irrigation installations to better serve our clients.

Estate Quality Landscape

Codifying a system of services has put Lawson Landscape Services’ hard wrought expertise into the current exceptional format. Our maintenance department lists specific items which must be done for each account, weekly, biweekly, monthly and so on throughout the year. This ensures quality care for all properties and makes for happy clientele. This system has been so successful that Lawson Landscape Services, Inc. has won, for their clients, several awards for outstanding landscape maintenance of commercial and industrial properties.



With Commercial Maintenance care, communication is the key. All of our crews are cell phone linked to our office. The supervisors for each division are in immediate response range. We provide our customers with 24-hour emergency contact service.


Licensed Landscape Contractor, Certified Pesticide Applicator by the State of California. Maintenance Gardener Pest Control License with City and County Permits. Lawson Landscape Services, Inc. carries $2,000,000.00 in Liability Policy and Workers Compensation.