Irrigation System Service in Arroyo Grande

Irrigation System Service in Arroyo Grande 

If you’re facing issues with your irrigation system or you feel that your water bills are too high, we can help! Allow us to diagnose your commercial landscape irrigation problem and provide a fair estimate to repair or replace your system and get your landscape back to what it should be.

We are a commercial landscape company with one irrigation repair mission in mind; to offer quality and reliable services at affordable rates.


Professional Irrigation System Repair and Water Management

All commercial property managers and owners on the Central Coast want to enjoy year-round beautiful-looking landscape but some are frustrated with an outdated irrigation systems. 

We are Satellite System Specialists and have the necessary expertise required to keep your systems running and lawns properly watered all-year round. We specialize in irrigation system maintenance, system checks, system reroutes, and freeze/ rain sensor additions.

Some of our additional services include: 

  • Control box repair and replacement
  • Fixing or replacing broken or leaking sprinkler heads
  • Repairing broken valves
  • Cleaning and repair of clogged nozzles
  • Repair and replace damaged or spliced wires
  • Repair or replace broken pipes
  • Capping off sprinkler heads
  • Adjusting poor spray water (to reduce wasted water)
  • Changing valve/ wire location

We only use high-quality, tested products for all sprinkler system repair services, ensuring the highest possible level of integrity every step of the way. 


Commercial Irrigation Service Packages Tailored for You 

We design our packages to fit your budget. We appreciate that not all properties are the same and not all property owners have the same goals or resources. We know what is important to you – time, quality and value.

Once you contact Lawson Landscape Services, Inc., we will listen to your challenges and concerns.  Next we’ll  inspect your property and assess the situation in detail. Finally, we’ll work out a comprehensive and economical plan to tackle all your irrigation maintenance & repair needs. 

If you suspect any problem with your irrigation system, we would love to be of service.


Premium Irrigation System Workmanship 

Lawson Landscape Services, Inc. is proud to have irrigation specialists on staff to install and maintain your irrigation systems.

Benefits of working with Lawson Landscape Servises, Inc. include: 

  • Experienced, reliable and friendly staff
  • Limit wasted resources, run-off, and water conservation
  • Enhance the health and beauty of your lawn
  • Improve your landscape’s sustainability
  • Promote impactful eco-friendly practices
  • Increase your property’s value and appeal to potential tenants

Commercial Water Management Services 

Our experts receive ongoing training on conservation, irrigation, and water management best practices. This is what has helped us to stay abreast of current developments in water-saving technologies.

When your irrigation system fails, especially during harsh weather, your commercial property landscape is likely to experience stress rather quickly. Plants, shrubbery and lawns can begin to experience stress within a few days of a problem leaving your landscape vulnerable to disease and insect damage.  Keep your entire landscape well-hydrated throughout the year – don’t hesitate to employ our commercial water management services today!

Drought Resistant Landscaping Services

No matter the size of your commercial property landscape, water is its most valuable resource. By choosing irrigation methods, ground cover, and plants that are water-wise, we will work together to make your property’s landscape more energy and water efficient. 

Drought resistant landscaping has become an important aspect of California Central Coast landscaping. It allows you to maintain an enjoyable outdoor commercial space while avoiding excessive water consumption.  We are experts at recommending the proper plants and landscape elements that are most effective in saving water.

Lawson Landscaping Services has invested in water-smart technology. Our systems detect changes in weather conditions and adjust soil conditions for the various plant life in your property. This includes automatic systems for turning the water systems on and off and alerts when there is a problem detected.

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